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The JHM Academy strives to be the music tuition school of choice for the highest quality education and service in Sydney's northwest. We provide music education services including band and ensemble programs to local government and non-government schools as well as lessons to individuals seeking tuition. JHM aims to tailor our experience to the unique needs of our students and the schools with whom we work to build a sense of community and foster the joy of learning and music. At JHM, every school program and student we work with can expect to receive an individually designed experience that caters to their goals and objectives. We look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss how we can help you or your schools musical journey flourish in the future. 

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James Harris (JHM Academy Director) has more than 10 years professional teaching and performing experience. He has played and toured extensively throughout Australia and Europe and taught hundreds of students who have excelled in their musical studies throughout his career. James strives to create a home for high quality music education and educators in Sydney to bring the joy of musical learning to the community. 

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